Transitional Work: Transitional work is a progressive injury rehabilitation program implemented and operated at the worksite.  Under the direction of qualified injury rehabilitation specialists such as physical or occupational therapists, professionals may provide acute or restorative care as well as functional work activity to transition the injured from limited work activities to full duty status toward their targeted job. 

    1.  Benefits of Transitional Work often include:

i.      Decreased employer costs by avoiding lost time injuries, decreased insurance risk costs, and decreased rehabilitation costs

ii.      Decreased potential for chronic disability avoiding non-work

iii.      Worker vocational personality maintenance

iv.      Employability protection for worker

v.      Implementation costs reimbursable by the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation for state-insures employers

vi.      Effective accommodation strategy for ADA compliance.

    1. Services Available

i.      Individualized therapeutic injury restoration

ii.      Individualized therapeutic condition through functional work activities

iii.      Employee education

iv.      Membership of injury management-prevention team