Occupational injury is the most frequent cause of physical limitations in persons under the age of 45 years.As industry has change over the last 60 years, so have the requirements of its workers.Many industrial settings no longer require intense physical labor, rather an increased emphasis on work requiring repetitive upper extremity and trunk motions.As a result of this shift, an accompanying increase in the incidence of back and cumulative trauma injuries and associated costs has been seen.



With greater than 20 years experience of close, coordinated working relationships with Ohio companies in manufacturing, mining, heavy industry, nursing care, home health care, food services just to name a few,Job Rehab Professionalsí Staff provides proven programs to help their customerís effectively manage heat care costs, through proactive injury rehabilitation and ergonomic services.In addition, digitally transmitted assessment and correspondence documentation services serve to dovetail industry, rehabilitation clinics, physicians managed care organizations, case managers, third party administrator and insurance payers together via secured access.